WikiCell Designs

300 Tech Square, 3rd Floor

Cambridge, MA  02139



WikiCell Designs

Flagship Partners:  Noubar Afeyan
Initial Investment: 

WikiCell Designs is developing deliciously edible forms of packaging that enclose food or drinks in ways similar to how nature protects foods such as grapes, oranges, or coconuts. The company seeks to fundamentally change the way we package and consume foods. The WikiCell approach was imagined by David Edwards in 2009 and was developed through the joint efforts of a dedicated team including designer Francois Azambourg, Wyss Institute Director and Harvard professor Don Ingber, and a group of designers and scientists of different backgrounds at Le Laboratoire, the center of the ArtScience Labs innovation organization founded and directed by Dr. Edwards, also a faculty member of the Wyss Institute. The company has laboratories and offices in both Paris and Cambridge, Mass., and demonstrated WikiCell ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, mousse, soup, juice and cocktails during the first half of 2012. The company expects to introduce the first WikiCell commercial products in 2013.