EcoSense Lighting®

80 Broad Street
5th Floor

New York, NY  10004

Tel: (212) 228-8118

Mark Reynoso



EcoSense Lighting®

Flagship Partners:  Ed Kania
Initial Investment: 

EcoSense Lighting provides best-in-class LED lighting solutions for use in architectural applications. The company offers a comprehensive line of high-performance LED fixtures that meet the technical requirements of the most demanding projects while delivering substantial benefits over traditional lighting sources. EcoSense Lighting was established in 2008 and is privately held. EcoSense has established a leadership position in the LED luminaire market, specifically recognized for products with high color quality and color consistency. Its specification-grade products have been deployed in thousands of locations around the world including coveted retail locations such as Burberry stores, marquee buildings such as the historic Science Museum in London and at Tesla Motors to illuminate work stations and show floors.

Ed Kania is on the Board of Directors.