Brian Baynes


Brian Baynes joined Flagship Ventures in 2009 as a Partner focusing on creating and managing new, internally generated ventures within the firm’s VentureLabsTM unit. He is working on leveraging a new model for distributed innovation across the globe to allow our new ventures to develop significantly more value with limited capital. Previously, Brian was a Venture Associate with Flagship, where he co-founded Codon Devices in 2004, and then joined Codon full time in 2005. Initially, as CSO, he led development of partnerships and several novel synthetic biology platforms, and ultimately was appointed President in late 2007.

Before joining Flagship, Brian was an engineer in process automation and composition modeling at Mobil Oil and a Director in the MIT School of Chemical Engineering Practice at Mitsubishi Chemicals and General Mills. Brian did his PhD research in protein stabilization with Bernhardt Trout and Danny Wang at MIT.

Brian is co-founder and currently serves as CEO of Flagship VentureLabsTM company Celexion.

Current Investments

  • Celexion LLC
  • Midori Renewables Inc.