Geoffrey von Maltzahn

VentureLabs Partner

Geoffrey von Maltzahn joined Flagship in 2009 and is a VentureLabs® Partner, where he focuses on inventing technologies and starting companies to address important challenges in sustainability, nutrition, and medicine. He is a founder and inventor of the platform technologies for the VentureLabs companies Seres Therapeutics, Pronutria Biosciences, and Symbiota. Geoff is currently Chief Technology Officer of Symbiota and has served as the Chief Technology Officer of Seres, where he led the discovery of SER-109—the first clinically-validated Microbiome Therapeutic—and the generation of the company’s Microbiome Therapeutics™ platform. He was Vice President Discovery of Pronutria, where he led the discovery of two pharmaconutrient products in clinical testing and the development of the company’s ProNutrein™ platform.

Geoff is an inventor on over 100 patents and applications, including the first clinically-validated Microbiome Therapeutics for treating diseases of the human microbiome; the first tailored protein pharmaconutrients that act as drugs by delivering specific combinations of amino acids and peptides during digestion; the first technology to produce pure essential nutrients directly from sunlight; the first therapeutics that communicate in the body to more effectively find and treat cancer; ‘synthetic biomarkers’ for diagnosing and monitoring complex diseases; ‘nanoantennas’ for ultra-precise laser medicine; new ‘parts’ for nanotechnology; and other technologies to help address problems in biology, chemistry, engineering, and medicine.

He has received over 20 awards and honors for his inventions, including the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize, awarded to the most innovative student at MIT; the National Inventors Hall of Fame Graduate Student Prize; the Biomedical Engineering Society Graduate Research Award; the Harvard-MIT Martha Gray Prize; and the Randolph G. Wei Award, for MIT’s most outstanding contribution at the interface of life sciences and engineering undergraduate research. Geoff also has had his inventions recognized among the “world’s greatest scientific breakthroughs of today” by Dean Kamen on Planet Green and in the Innovations of the Year by MSNBC.

Geoff is an author on over 20 scientific manuscripts and was awarded a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics from MIT under the mentorship of Sangeeta N. Bhatia, MD, PhD; a M.S. in Bioengineering from the University of California, San Diego; and a S.B. in Chemical Engineering from MIT. While at MIT, Geoff was a research mentor to a 15 undergraduates and named MIT’s Most Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor in 2007.

Current Investments

  • Symbiota
  • Kaleido BioSciences