Mascoma Corporation

610 Lincoln Street, Suite 100

Waltham, MA  02451

Tel: 603.676.3320

William J. Brady



Mascoma Corporation

Flagship Partners:  Jim Matheson
Initial Investment: 

Mascoma Corporation is a provider of leading technology for the conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals. Using its proprietary consolidated bioprocessing, or CBP, technology platform, Mascoma has developed bioengineered yeasts to reduce costs and improve yields in the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Mascoma’s first commercial application of its technology platform are its Mascoma Grain Technology, or MGT®, yeast products, which are drop-in substitutes for existing yeasts designed to improve the economics of corn-based ethanol production. Mascoma is pursuing other commercial applications of its CBP technology and is partnering with companies that operate or plan to operate facilities that produce cellulosic ethanol. Jim Matheson and Brian Baynes are on the Board of Directors.