VisEn Medical Announces Initiative with Merck to Develop Molecular Imaging Agents for Key Areas in Cardiovascular Disease

VisEn Medical, Inc.

VisEn Medical Announces Initiative with Merck to Develop Molecular Imaging Agents for Key Areas in Cardiovascular Disease

March 6, 2007

Woburn, MA -- March 6, 2007 –VisEn Medical today announced the launch of a multi-year joint research and development program with Merck & Co., Inc. to develop and apply a range of fluorescence imaging agents for real-time imaging of key disease biomarkers in vivo.

The Merck-VisEn Biomarker Imaging Program will focus on literature-derived and proprietary biomarkers of cardiovascular disease. Agents developed through the collaboration will be used as in vivo imaging tools for measuring disease progression and therapeutic response in Merck’s drug discovery programs, and will be further commercialized by VisEn to more broadly set imaging standards in the space. . Financial and other details were not disclosed.

The agreement expands existing collaborative work between the two companies, in disease area imaging and data development within Merck drug discovery programs. The programs will utilize VisEn fluorescence agents and Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT™) imaging systems.

“By providing real-time readouts of disease-related biomarkers in vivo, molecular imaging has the potential to transform drug discovery and advance molecular medicine,” said Dr. Richard Hargreaves, Vice President of Imaging for Merck. "VisEn has novel technology platforms and imaging agent development programs that could lead to key advances in molecular diagnostics. It is our goal to integrate VisEn imaging technologies into Merck programs to help us understand and develop the next generation of targeted therapeutic candidates and perhaps establish new standards for the identification and assessment of disease.”

Kirtland G. Poss, President and Chief Executive Officer of VisEn Medical, Inc., added, “Our mission at VisEn is to develop and apply breakthrough imaging technologies and approaches that will enable new preclinical and clinical paradigms; better drug development; and ultimately, enhanced patient care. VisEn could not be more pleased to be combining our platforms and capabilities with the teams, technologies and programs at Merck to advance this entire field.”

VisEn fluorescence imaging technologies provide the industry’s most robust and accurate imaging performance in identifying, characterizing and quantifying a range of biological processes in vivo, including known molecular activities underlying disease states such as cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular and bone disease. By imaging specific disease-related biological activities and related therapeutic responses in vivo, clinically compatible VisEn technology platforms enable expanded areas of research, and more efficient drug development.

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VisEn Medical, Inc. is developing today’s leading fluorescence molecular imaging technology platforms, from research through medicine. The Company’s products enable in vivo imaging of biological and molecular processes, and are targeted to the imaging of central disease areas including, oncology, inflammation, bone and cardiovascular disease. VisEn also works with its partners to design tailored probes and applications that are targeted to their specific research areas. Privately-held VisEn is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts and has been financed by leading venture firms including Flagship Ventures and The Bollard Group. For further information please visit