T2 Biosystems Appoints Michael Pfaller, MD, Chief Medical Officer

T2 Biosystems Appoints Michael Pfaller, MD, Chief Medical Officer

April 3, 2014

LEXINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--T2 Biosystems, a company developing direct detection products designed to enable superior diagnostics, today announced that Michael Pfaller, MD, has joined the company as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Pfaller will oversee medical affairs including infectious disease and hemostasis advisory boards, and clinical research and physician education programs associated with the anticipated launch of the Company’s flagship diagnostic test, T2Candida, upon receipt of marketing authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The T2Candida test is designed to identify sepsis-causing fungal pathogens.

“Dr. Pfaller is one of the most accomplished and well-respected experts in clinical microbiology. He has made significant contributions to the field and we are extremely fortunate to have him join our team,” said John McDonough, President and Chief Executive Officer of T2 Biosystems. “His broad experience across diverse laboratory testing applications will be valuable during this exciting time in our company’s growth as we prepare to submit an application to the FDA for marketing authorization for our first diagnostic test for sepsis and build our pipeline of infectious disease and hemostasis products.”

Dr. Pfaller brings to T2 Biosystems more than 35 years of clinical and medical research experience and is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa Hospitals. Certified by the American Board of Pathology in Clinical Pathology, he has made numerous research, teaching and clinical contributions in the areas of antifungal agents and resistance, epidemiology of bacterial and fungal infections, and the role of the clinical microbiology laboratory in hospital infection control. He is well-known for his role in recognizing and preparing seminal contributions in response to the threat to public health caused by nosocomial and community-acquired infections. Dr. Pfaller has also actively advised numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in drug discovery, development and marketing throughout his career.

“T2 Biosystems is developing products designed to generate accurate, rapid results using direct sample analysis without relying on blood culture,” said Dr. Pfaller. “I believe this technology may represent an important advance in medical diagnostics with significant potential to save lives and reduce healthcare costs.”

About T2 Biosystems

T2 Biosystems is developing clinical diagnostics powered by T2MR, a significant advance in detection technology that is designed to deliver superior sensitivity quickly to guide more effective clinical decision-making. T2 Bio is developing a pipeline of molecular diagnostics and hemostasis products focused on conditions where rapid and accurate results will have a significant impact on patients’ lives and healthcare costs. The Company’s lead products under development, the T2Candida and T2Bacteria assays, are designed to identify life-threatening pathogens associated with sepsis directly from whole blood, potentially up to 25-times faster than blood culture.