Renewable Petroleum Company LS9 Announces Series A Funding and Scientific Advisory Board Members


Renewable Petroleum Company LS9 Announces Series A Funding and Scientific Advisory Board Members

March 12, 2007

Company Positioned for Biofuel Breakthroughs and Commercialization

SAN CARLOS, CA - March 12, 2007 - In a series of announcements today, LS9 Inc., the Renewable Petroleum Company(TM), announced it secured $5 million in Series A funding from Flagship Ventures and Khosla Ventures, two top-tier early-stage investment firms, and has established its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The funding and SAB appointments will significantly accelerate LS9's plans to pursue industrial applications of synthetic biology to produce proprietary biofuels and industrial chemicals.

"LS9 is a pioneer in extending the promise of biofuels beyond ethanol and biodiesel," said Noubar Afeyan, Managing Partner and CEO of Flagship Ventures. "By applying powerful new biological engineering tools towards meeting the growing market needs for alternative energy, the company is already creating significant value with its IP as well as its proprietary new products under development."

"New technologies developed at companies like LS9 will transform the energy world as fundamentally as Internet technologies have changed the telecommunications industry. We're excited to work with LS9 to bring the next generation of biofuels to market," stated Vinod Khosla, Managing Partner of Khosla Ventures.

The company, founded by highly regarded scientists Chris Somerville and George Church, also announced the establishment of its Scientific Advisory Board. Two new members join Somerville, Church and two others on the SAB: Christopher Walsh and Anthony Sinskey.

Prof. Walsh is an expert in enzyme stereochemistry and reaction mechanisms and has been Hamilton Kuhn Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School since 1991. Prof. Sinskey is Professor of Microbiology and Health Sciences and Technology at MIT and is a leader in the area of metabolic engineering.

The newly appointed members will join existing SAB members Chaitan Khosla and Edward DeLong. Prof. Khosla is Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Stanford University and is at the forefront of research on polyketide synthases as paradigms for modular catalysis. Prof. DeLong is developing the field of microbial community genomics and metagenomics and is the Moore Foundation Professor of Microbial Genomics at MIT.

In addition to deep scientific experience and expertise in their respective fields, members of the LS9 Scientific Advisory Board have extensive business, start-up, and technology commercialization experience, serving as founders and directors of biotechnology companies such as Metabolix and Kosan Biosciences.

"The scientific depth and proven commercial track record of our SAB members is a constructive complement to our product-focused, technology-driven technical team. Our collective experience in the development and commercialization of cutting edge technologies is a key differentiator for LS9," said Stephen del Cardayre, Vice President of Research and Development.

"We are pleased to work with such high caliber investors and advisors as we continue to build our business," added Doug Cameron, former head of biotechnology research at Cargill and acting Chief Executive Officer of LS9. "This brain trust will significantly contribute to scientific and commercial breakthroughs now and in the future."

About LS9

LS9, Inc., the Renewable Petroleum Company(TM), is a privately-held biotechnology company. LS9 is pursuing industrial applications of synthetic biology to produce biofuels that are compatible with existing fuel distribution and consumer infrastructure. Based on an enabling technology portfolio, LS9 was founded in 2005 by leading scientists along with venture capital firms Flagship Ventures and Khosla Ventures. LS9 is headquartered in San Carlos, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.