Media Resources

Below are links to commonly requested media resources for Flagship Ventures and its team. 

  • Photos and logos are available in both print (JPG, 300dpi) and web (JPG, 72dpi) formats.  
  • Team bios are available on this page in PDF format.  Note that you can use the Printable Version feature on each team member's profile page to quickly print their current bio.

If you have needs beyond these resources, please contact Lauren Digange.

Flagship Team

 Member  Photos  Bio
 Afeyan, Noubar  Print, Web  PDF
 Bancel, Stephane  Print, Web  PDF
 Baynes, Brian  Print, Web  PDF
 Berry, David  Print, Web  PDF
 Carelli, Chuck  Print, Web  PDF
 Cole, Doug  Print, Web  PDF
 Connelly, Robert  Print, Web  PDF
 Kahvejian, Avak  Print, Web  PDF
 Kania, Ed  Print, Web  PDF
 Martinez, Ignacio  Print, Web  PDF
 Matheson, Jim  PrintWeb  PDF
 Pomerantz, Roger  Print, Web  PDF
 von Maltzahn, Geoff  Print, Web  PDF
 Wilcox, Harry  Print, Web  PDF

Flagship Logos

Print -- JPG, 300dpi
Web -- JPG, 72dpi