Mascoma Corporation Appoints T. Jack Huggins to Board of Directors

Mascoma Corporation

Mascoma Corporation Appoints T. Jack Huggins to Board of Directors

July 17, 2007

Brings Expertise in Ethanol, Agribusiness, Agronomy, and Conservation

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mascoma Corporation, a leader in low-carbon cellulosic biomass-to-ethanol production through advanced biotechnology, today announced that T. Jack Huggins has joined the company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Huggins has over 30 years of experience in the ethanol industry and agribusiness, including ten years as president of the ethanol production and marketing companies Pekin Energy, Williams Bio Energy, and Nebraska Energy. He is past chairman of the Renewable Fuels Association, an ethanol producers’ trade association, and founder and president of TJ3, a business development consulting firm for the ethanol industry. Mr. Huggins presently works with The Nature Conservancy Upper Mississippi River program, where he focuses on the impact of agricultural land management practices on freshwater ecosystems. He is active with the National Resources Conservation Service Illinois State Technical Committee and with the national Drainage Management Coalition.

“Jack brings a unique balance of expertise in both ethanol production and environmental conservation, two areas that are critical for our company,” said Mascoma CEO Bruce A. Jamerson. “Jack will be an invaluable resource for us as we build cellulosic ethanol production capabilities that are environmentally sustainable and that support local agricultural economies.”

“I believe that Mascoma has great potential to lead our nation’s development of cellulosic ethanol as a complement to corn ethanol and other biofuels,” said Mr. Huggins. “Mascoma has a wonderful opportunity to help shape an industry that can supply our energy needs while simultaneously helping our environment.”

Mr. Huggins presently serves on the Board of Directors of Verasun Energy Corporation and on the Executive Committee of Green Lands Blue Waters, a group promoting perennial cropping systems in the Upper Mississippi River basin. He has served on the Boards of Trustees for the Illinois Chapter of The Nature Conservancy and Illinois State University as well as advisory committees to the Chicago Board of Trade, Southern Illinois University, the University of Illinois, and the State of Illinois.

Mr. Huggins graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pace University.

About Mascoma Corporation

Mascoma Corporation is a low-carbon cellulosic biomass-to-ethanol company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a research and development laboratory in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Mascoma is developing advanced technologies in its own laboratory, with Professor Lee Lynd at Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering, by licensing “best in class” microorganisms and enzymes, and with other sponsored research around the world. It is also developing demonstration and commercial scale production facilities in several locations. For more information, visit


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