Industry Veteran Erik Wallden Joins VisEn Medical Board of Directors

VisEn Medical, Inc.

Industry Veteran Erik Wallden Joins VisEn Medical Board of Directors

February 8, 2007

Woburn, MA (February 8, 2007) -- VisEn Medical, Inc., a leader in fluorescence in vivo imaging from research through medicine, today announced that Erik Wallden has joined the company’s Board of Directors. Previously, Mr. Wallden served as the President and CEO of Biacore International AB, which was sold after a successful turnaround to GE Healthcare in September, 2006.

“Erik has built a highly successful career in creating and growing private and public companies in the molecular analysis and biological profiling space, to the point where many, if not all of his companies are strongly impactful, highly valued core components of the industry worldwide,” said Kirtland Poss, President and CEO of VisEn. “Further, Erik brings exceptional experience and insight to the commercial expansion of our high-performance imaging technologies in this breakthrough area of molecular imaging. We are anticipating a highly productive, substantive relationship in tapping Erik’s unique counsel and experience.”

Before joining Biacore International in 2004, Mr. Wallden worked as President and CEO of Pyrosequencing AB, where he developed and commercialized several leading technologies into established industry leading platforms and brands. While there, Mr. Wallden successfully led the company’s growth from venture financings through an initial public offering.

Prior to his tenure at Pyrosequencing, Mr. Wallden was instrumental in establishing and growing companies such as PerSeptive Biosystems, Inc. (part of Applied Biosystems); Pharmacia Biosensor AB ( part of Biacore International); and Pharmacia Biotech (currently a component of GE Healthcare Life Sciences).

Mr. Wallden is currently acting as a member of the Industrial Supervisory Board of Healthinvest Partners AB, Director of Proxeon S/A, and Bergekullen Fastighets AB. Erik Wallden holds degrees in analytical chemistry and biochemistry from Uppsala University.

VisEn's technology platforms and products provide the industry’s most robust fluorescence in vivo imaging performance for identifying, characterizing and quantifying a range of biologic activities in vivo, including key disease biomarkers underlying disease states such as cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular and bone disease. By imaging these disease-related biomarkers in vivo, VisEn’s technology platforms enable expanded areas of biological research, more effective drug development, and tailored clinical medicine into the future.

“With its leading technology platforms, deep R&D competencies, and strong partnerships with academic, pharmaceutical, and systems leaders in the space, Visen Medical is expanding the opportunities and applications in molecular imaging today. Further, it is clear that the VisEn platforms are being rapidly adopted as standards within research settings, in the pharmaceutical industry, and into clinical settings going forward” said Mr. Wallden. “I am gratified by the opportunity to participate in its growth and to helping shape its future scientific and commercial platforms.”

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VisEn Medical, Inc. was founded in 2000 based on fluorescence imaging technologies initially developed at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. VisEn is developing today’s highest performing fluorescence molecular imaging technology platforms, from research through medicine. VisEn also works directly with its partners to design ranges of tailored probes and applications that are targeted to their specific research areas. Privately-held VisEn is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts and has been financed by leading venture firms including Flagship Ventures and The Bollard Group. For further information please visit