Ideal VP Picks for Presidential Candidates to Be Identified With Evolutionary Optimization Software

Affinnova, Inc.

Ideal VP Picks for Presidential Candidates to Be Identified With Evolutionary Optimization Software

June 16, 2008

"Secret weapon" technology of major consumer goods companies will search through millions of variations of candidates and issues, rapidly evolving the ideal presidential ticket

New York, New York - June 16, 2008 - Affinnova Inc., the leader in optimization technology for innovation and marketing, announced today that it is deploying its evolutionary optimization technology with the help of thousands of likely voters as part of a first-ever program to identify the ideal vice-presidential candidate and top issue combinations on which both major parties should campaign. Affinnova made the announcement at the 2008 American Association of Political Consultants conference in New York City.

Affinnova's unique evolutionary optimization technology was developed from pioneering work at MIT. It has been used for several years by leading consumer marketers such as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Gatorade, Nestle, and AARP to optimize new product, package design, and ad campaign concepts. Affinnova's technology mimics the process of evolution, but at a greatly accelerated rate. The technology presents online respondents with 20 to 25 rounds of concept choices. In each round, the choices adjust based on prior selections. Each respondent advances the optimization by further refining and narrowing the options, so that, after a thousand or so respondents, just a few "optimal" concepts remain. Using this advanced technology, Affinnova's clients can find top product and marketing concepts faster and more reliably than through traditional focus groups, polls, or surveys.

Affinnova's project to identify the ideal vice presidential candidates marks the first time this technology has been applied to the political process. Over the next week, with a representative sample group of 2,000 likely voters, Affinnova will demonstrate its powerful evolutionary technology. Voters will choose from Presidential tickets that are built using the two presumptive presidential nominees, 100 vice presidential hopefuls and 120 first-term issue priorities. By evolving through nearly 35 million possible combinations the Affinnova process will show the best possible combinations, of candidates and key issues.

Polling is Broken -- This is the Next Stage

"The extended 2008 presidential primary season damaged the reputation of political polls as a reliable way to sample public opinion and refine a campaign's strategy." said Steve Lamoureux, Chief Innovation Officer of Affinnova, Inc. "Time and again the polls were wrong by a wide margin, leaving polling companies at a loss to explain the discrepancies. These are not unlike the research issues that affect consumer goods marketers. This similarity gave us the idea of conducting a presidential ticket evolution. We realized that what works for peanut butter should also work for politics."

Affinnova's evolutionary optimization technology is a major advance in fine-tuning political policy and communication. The approach uses an online exercise where likely voters simply choose between holistic options containing multiple elements, adjusting each round of choices based on previous answers. Using this technology, political campaigns can quickly narrow their options to a group of "top concepts." In a sense, this is the popular concept of "The Wisdom of Crowds" (from the book by James Surowiecki, published in 2004), implemented through very powerful software and applied to politics.

Affinnova will announce the results of this first-ever political evolutionary process within the next two weeks, well before either national party is expected to announce its vice-presidential candidate.

Results will be announced at Visitors to this site can demo the same evolutionary process used by the sample group and register to receive the results.

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