Epitome Biosystems Expands Senior Management Team

Epitome Biosystems

Epitome Biosystems Expands Senior Management Team

February 13, 2007

Jeffrey Radding Draws on Pharmaceutical Experience to Lead Research and Development

Waltham, MA, February 13, 2007 – Epitome Biosystems, a biotechnology company focused on innovative protein measurement systems, announced today the appointment of Jeffrey Radding, Ph.D., as Vice President, Research & Development. Dr. Radding joins the Company from Eli Lilly, where he led the Platform Biology Group in evaluating and implementing cell signaling approaches for drug discovery across multiple therapeutic areas.

“Jeff has an incredible passion for science and an in-depth knowledge of drug discovery and development that will be essential for driving our R&D programs with our Pharma partners,” stated Neal F. Gordon, Ph.D., President of Epitome Biosystems. “As an early adopter of Epitome’s EpiTag™ technology platform and a leading expert of pathway approaches for kinase drug discovery and development, Jeff has clear understanding of how our products will enable pharmaceutical researchers to answer fundamental biological questions.”

Dr. Radding brings over 15 years of experience in drug development across a wide range of diseases and therapeutic targets. While at Eli Lilly, he spearheaded initiatives that incorporated state-of-the-art proteomics platforms for quantitative analysis of signal transduction pathways, including innovative mass spectrometry approaches. Dr. Radding obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from Indiana University and completed post-doctoral training in the Department of Internal Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine.

Dr. Radding commented, “Epitome’s proprietary technologies and products represent a significant advance for broad profiling of intracellular signaling and highly quantitative protein measurements that are essential for the development of targeted drugs and diagnostics. Epitome’s ability to measure relevant biological information solves a critical bottleneck in most drug programs and provides a comprehensive solution that will be attractive to Pharma. It’s no wonder that they have already assembled a world-class scientific team and I am very excited to be a part of this team and contribute to Epitome’s success.”

About Epitome Biosystems

Epitome Biosystems is applying its protein measurement system to increase the productivity of drug discovery and development and improve the understanding of patient variability and disease. The Company’s EpiTag™ technology delivers highly specific, quantitative measurements of any protein or proteins in a user-friendly format. Epitome’s technology is validated, scaleable and can be applied broadly to assessing protein functional states and activities, including phosphorylation. For more information, visit www.epitomebiosystems.com.


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