Ensemble Evolves Name to Ensemble Therapeutics Corporation

Ensemble Therapeutics Corporation

Ensemble Evolves Name to Ensemble Therapeutics Corporation

June 22, 2010

Prompted by Progress in Developing New Therapeutic Modality: “Small Molecules with the Power of Biologics”
Ensemble also announces new strategic investor: Kisco Ltd.

CAMBRIDGE, MA - June 22, 2010 – Ensemble Discovery today announced that it will begin operating as Ensemble Therapeutics Corporation to reflect the Company’s progress and emerging pipeline by applying its macrocycle drug platform to develop novel therapeutics. The new name, Ensemble Therapeutics, conveys the company’s leadership and advancement in developing novel macrocycle drug compounds that are small molecules with expanded therapeutic properties of large molecule biological drugs.

“The macrocycle-based drug discovery platform has become our clear focus and the evolution of our company’s name both reflects that focus and, more importantly, the dramatic success we have achieved recently.” said Dr. Michael D. Taylor, CEO of Ensemble Therapeutics.” Dr. Taylor further said, “We also are delighted to announce the addition of Kisco Ltd. to our syndicate of top-tier investors. As an advanced materials specialty company, they have keen eye for innovative technologies and found Ensemble to be a technology company they felt had an exceptional future.”

Since its founding, Ensemble has applied its proprietary DNA-programmed drug discovery platform in a number of areas, including therapeutics and diagnostics, but recently has narrowed the focus to macrocycle therapeutics, EnsemblinsTM. With their unique macrocyclic structure, Ensemblins are a new class of drugs that are orally-active therapeutics with unique properties for binding to human disease targets, including targets that are currently only accessible with costly, injectable biologic drugs or currently undruggable intra-cellular targets.

Ensemble Therapeutics is the first company to successfully and reliably engineer synthetic macrocycle drugs, and the company has produced the industry’s largest collections of macrocycle drug compounds, currently more than 600,000. Ensemble Therapeutics’ most advanced lead compound has been shown to exert potent anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic activity in animal models and is orally bioavailable. Together with the company’s collaboration partners, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer, Ensemble Therapeutics is making rapid progress in applying the platform against historically challenging drug targets that cannot be modulated effectively by traditional small molecule pharmaceuticals.

“Our EnsemblinTM platform continues to progress at an accelerating rate,” said Nick Terrett, CSO of Ensemble Discovery. “Our capabilities to deploy our proprietary platform to assess large numbers of macrocycles and to rapidly optimize leads for potential development of novel drug has evolved dramatically and been highly successful. We are demonstrating that Ensemblins are the key to addressing a large number of historically challenging drug targets.”

About Ensemblins

EnsemblinsTM are a new class of synthetic macrocycles developed by Ensemble using its proprietary chemistry platforms, including DNA-Programmed ChemistryTM. Macrocyclic rings are found in many natural product-based drugs and bestow favorable pharmaceutical properties and powerful protein surface binding properties upon such drugs. Thus, macrocycles are uniquely suited to address many protein targets that cannot be modulated effectively by traditional small molecule pharmaceutical compounds. Macrocycles have been challenging to synthesize in large numbers and this has constrained their wider use in the industry. Ensemble has produced larger collections of macrocyclic drug candidates than any previously synthesized in the pharmaceutical industry.

About Ensemble Therapeutics

Based in Cambridge, MA, Ensemble Therapeutics is deploying its proprietary chemistry platforms to develop a novel class of therapeutics known as “Ensemblins”. Ensemble is the exclusive worldwide licensee from Harvard University of its patents covering DNA-Programmed Chemistry.

Ensemble is pursuing a proprietary drug pipeline and also collaborations with pharmaceutical partners. Ensemble has two drug discovery alliances with Bristol-Myers Squibb (April 2009) and Pfizer (January 2010). Ensemble’s lead proprietary programs are in the inflammatory disease field. For more information, visit: www.ensembletx.com.

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