Computer Backup Company Uses Affinnova's Technology to Advance its Advertising Strategy

Affinnova, Inc.

Computer Backup Company Uses Affinnova's Technology to Advance its Advertising Strategy

October 19, 2011

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Affinnova, Inc., the global leader in marketing innovation software and services, announced that Carbonite, Inc., a Boston-based provider of online computer backup and recovery services, has successfully used Affinnova's technology to identify a compelling advertising strategy that motivates consumers to buy.

Carbonite understands large numbers. The company has backed up more than 100 billon files, and has restored over 7 billion files that otherwise would have been lost. But when Carbonite management wanted to identify the "most compelling" messages for use in a new web advertising campaign, even they were overwhelmed by the millions of possibilities that would have to be tested.

Carbonite turned to Affinnova for help. Affinnova's IDDEA innovation platform was the only way Carbonite could effectively test millions of combinations of logos, taglines, graphics, copy and other attributes that would go into the new marketing message. Through Affinnova's marketing optimization process, Carbonite's marketing elements were tested directly with consumers, and their preferences were measured and compared with attitudinal and demographic profiles.

From the millions of unique concepts tested, Affinnova was able to quickly narrow the choice to three top performing concepts. Each scored high in believability, trustworthiness and need fulfillment. Elements of each of the top concepts were successfully used for compelling messaging for Carbonite's new online campaign.

"Affinnova made it possible for us to test a virtually unlimited number of variations of our site content. Thanks to them we were able to optimize site content, which delivered a significant lift in performance," said Swami Kumaresan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Carbonite.

Affinnova's IDDEA innovation platform enables marketers to develop a limitless number of concept variations, and then quickly and accurately assess all alternatives. A dynamic evolutionary algorithm engages target consumers in a "survival-of-the-fittest" process that identifies the concepts with the highest market potential from virtually any size test field. Once identified, top concepts can be measured against relevant benchmarks, including competitors. The process maps concepts and competitors on two dimensions of purchase intent -- breadth and intensity of appeal -- further gauging an idea's potential for success.

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