The Flagship VentureLabs® unit systematically originates and launches transformative companies that can shape the world’s future. Comprising a team of professional entrepreneurs with an unmatched track record of invention and company creation, Flagship VentureLabs is the first institutional platform for accelerated innovation and parallel entrepreneurship, where the processes of technology invention and company conception are merged and rapidly iterated to generate high potential new ventures.

The Flagship Venture Capital unit brings decades of operating and investing experience to the more than sixty companies in its portfolio. The portfolio consists primarily of seed and early-stage investments, with some later stage value investments. Healthcare investments target therapeutics and health technologies and sustainability investments target energy, water, and agriculture/nutrition. Critical elements of these investments include visionary people, transformative ideas, significant intellectual property protection, deep market understanding, and the opportunity for capital efficiency and leverage.

Flagship looks for drivers of significant change—people, new technologies, and products/services that take advantage of the opportunities created by these changes. From innovations in nanotechnology to synthetic biology, the disruption occurring in health care and the pharmaceutical industry to the inevitable shift to a low-carbon global economy, we conceive and identify companies that are first in their category, poised to generate broad intellectual property and create new markets. We identify opportunities where technology can be used to disrupt large markets and create significant value for the company and all its stakeholders. 

Our success stems from a strong, broad network. Flagship’s team has deep ties with leading academic institutions, as well as with experienced entrepreneurs and senior business and technology leaders across relevant industries. This innovation ecosystem is the lifeblood of Flagship’s portfolio companies. Whether we are starting new companies or investing in companies, we draw upon this network to test novel ideas and to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies. Additionally, our team brings its significant experience as professional entrepreneurs and operators to the businesses we invest in. We have been founders and CEOs and have held other senior management positions in companies, as well as being venture investors, board members and close advisors to over 100 startup companies.

Our commitment is to our portfolio companies’ leadership teams. We offer our expertise and support through strategic counsel, access to our network, funding, and our passionate dedication to innovation and success. By forging close partnerships with each company's leadership team, we help build market-leading companies that maximize realized value. 

In the past decade, Flagship Ventures has become one of the nation’s leading venture firms in healthcare, and increasingly is recognized as a leader in the emerging field of sustainability. The founding of Flagship Ventures in 2000 combined Dr. Noubar Afeyan’s track record of successful innovation, entrepreneurship, and executive experience with Ed Kania’s track record and extensive experience in venture capital. The Flagship team excels at its mission of realizing entreprenurial innovation.

Flagship Facts

  • Team History: Founded in 2000, the Flagship team has a unique combination of scientific expertise, entrepreneurship, operational experience and decades of venture capital investing and we bring that knowledge to bear on every situation. Team page
  • Geography: Flagship Ventures, located in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, invests nationally and our companies deploy globally.
  • Focus: Premier, early stage venture firm focused on life science solutions to global healthcare and sustainability challenges.
  • Fund Size: Flagship manages $1.4 billion in capital.  Our investors are leading LPs with a strong commitment to our programs.
  • Stage: We generally serve as lead investor, and over 80% of our investments are seed or first round.
  • Size of Investments: Our initial investment may range between $500,000 and $5 million, and we typically invest up to $7-$15 million during the life of a venture, generally assembling a syndicate with other leading venture firms as the company matures. 
  • Active Portfolio: We currently manage an active portfolio of over 40 industry changing companies. Portfolio page
  • Flagship VentureLabs®: To date, 30 pioneering companies have been founded within our VentureLabsTM unit. VentureLabsTM page
  • Past successes: During the past two decades, Flagship partners have been involved as early/lead investors in and often founders of many highly successful ventures, including: Receptos (RCPT), Agios Pharmaceuticals (AGIO), Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals (TTPH), Acceleron Pharma (XLRN), Moderna Therapeutics and Seres Health. Realized Investments